Uncle Jack's Worm Slicer

Summer fun! Field Tested Great for the whole family!
  • Slice your bait to bite size.
  • Works on worms, crayfish and artifical baits.
  • Cut out the mess.
  • Built-in snagged line pulling feature.
  • Make your bait last longer and catch more fish!

The Legend

I returned from taking my nephews fishing. We were catching lots of fish and having a great time. Worms are the most used bait, which means sizing the worms and pulling them apart. When it came to snacks, it created such a mess. Worm guts were all over the potato chips and the soda cans. Everything in the boat had worm guts on it.

That’s why the worm slicer line puller was invented. This device will help you with the mess, bite size your baits and catch more fish. It's works on rubber and artificial baits as well. Simply find the desired length, rock and roll over the bait and get fishing.

The other problem we had was snagged lines. New fishing lines can be extra hazardous and damage your hands and equipment; by wrapping the line around the grooves you can pull safely.
Happy Fishing!

-Uncle Jack